Gary. It's go time.

A friend of mine reminds me to #digdeep . 

Another tells me "Gary says: Get it Girl". 

My coach gives me instructions that are hard to follow, but I do so anyway. Because I trust him. 

Lorraine (The Brava) does her part, riding flawlessly through this westside garden of mud and gravel and grit.  My tubeless setup finds the traction needed to navigate along the variable track. 

With a lap and some change remaining, I know it is go time.  

The little green frog is riding on my shoulder - and I shout out to him. "GARY, let's do this". 

The muddy snot and drool begin to dangle from my chin, but I know nothing of this at the moment, I have a singular focus. 

Together, Gary and I scramble to the top of the final run-up, over the barrier and around the 180-degree turn to the finish. An epic battle, hard fought, proudly won. 

This is cyclocross in Oregon.

Thank you Clara for the unforgettable ride.

Thank you Matthew Lasala for the amazing capture.